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     THE PROCESS     
visa sponsorship jobs abroad overseas IT Finance jobs overseas abroad visa sponsorship tokyo japan america canada thejegroup!  Our system of obtaining careers for international job hunters has been effective since 1989. We strive to be the best choice for international job hunters in terms of locating and securing a job with full visa sponsorship. When you're looking for a job in Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada, or America, TheJEGroup! is the best work abroad agency for global job hunters who wish to live and work overseas.
visa sponsorship jobs abroad overseas IT Finance jobs overseas abroad visa sponsorship tokyo japan america canada thejegroup!  jobs asia japan america canada australiaWe offer global job hunters a premium service that  enables you to relax while we do all the job hunting for you utilizing  our international network, global databases, and direct connections  in Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada, and America.
visa sponsorship jobs abroad overseas IT Finance jobs overseas abroad visa sponsorship tokyo japan america canada thejegroup!  By joining our gobal network at TheJEGroup! we offer full  confidentiality, direct communication, and collaboration on your  domestic or international job hunt with employers offering full visa  sponsorship to live and  work overseas.
visa sponsorship jobs abroad overseas IT Finance jobs overseas abroad visa sponsorship tokyo japan america canada thejegroup!  When you're searching for work in Australia, Japan, Asia,  Canada, or America, TheJEGroup! has experience since 1989  with employers who offer roles to include: Nurse roles, Health Care staff, Secretaries, Office Staff, Engineers, Finance, IT general jobs, Information Technology specialist, Design, Software specialists, Customer Service staff for Travel & Hotels, General employement, and entertainment gigs as well.
    Let's Skype!    
First, we ask that you Skype a meeting with us and also please send resumes to TheJEGroup! to our partners in NY at: . After our initial meeting, we will look over your resumes in greater detail to determine if we can assist you in your quest to live and work abroad. Please be sure to add your Skype ID to your cover-letter or resume. Don't have a resume? Check out our services for writing winning resumes.
Our Career Search Consultants and Agents assist global job hunters to locate and secure jobs in Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada, and America, with companies offering full visa sponsorship.
We will distribute your resume to employers throughtout Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada & America to our network of Human Resources Directors, Presidents, International Recruiters, Department Managers, General Managers, Area Managers and Training Managers who work with us to locate and secure employees for jobs that include full visa sponsorship.
After being received as a new client, we will distribute your resume to our global network & meet you via Skype and / or face to face, to practice interviewing with you until you [ and we ] feel confident that you are well prepared for the actual interviews. We hold mock interviews with our global job hunters in order to polish presentations to global employers.
We work with our global job hunting clients who are searching for jobs with visa sponsorship for foreigners relocating to Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada, or America. In addition, we work in a confidential manner with professionalism and follow the standards of Consultant | Client ~ Privileges.
            WHO WE ASSIST            
We assist job hunters who have a strong resume, experience, skills, & a passion to live in a new culture.
We partner with international job hunters who have a solid background & professional abilities to work abroad in Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada, or America including full visa sponsorship.
Our global job hunting clients are searching for jobs in Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada, and America in terms of IT, Information Technology, Finance, English Teachers, Marketing Experts, Designers, Managers, Executives, Customer Service roles, and entertainment gigs as well.  
            THE CONTRACT            
 [ Every assignment is under contract to fully execute your global job search ]
We offer a contract with every job hunting assignment | client we assist to locate and secure a job in Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada and America, to include full visa sponsorship. The contract is flexible depending on the needs of the client. Contact us for further information via Skype to discuss how our contract creates a solid partnership for the duration of the assignment.
   TheJEGroup! offers a global reach...   

TheJEGroup! has been assisting world wide businesses and educational organizations to locate and secure candidates since 1989. From Sydney to Singapore to Tokyo to New York City to Vancouver, we have a global network and databases of international employers for you to meet.

If what you're looking for is a company offering retained and contingency searches, we are available to assist you on the current market conditions in Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada, and America.

       Retained Search       

In terms of a retained search, we conduct the entire search, interview, and final arrangment of the hiring process. Our Career Search Consultants have been successful locating and securing executive level to general staff. From bilingual professionals to native English speakers. And, we have the tools and the experience to get the job done in a timely and effective manner.

        Contingency Search         

Contingency includes to introduce candidates from our global databases and network. Should your organization hire personnel from our global databases and | or network, we will charge a small fee.  


    GOT AN OFFER?     

Send inquiries to: 

for information on pricing options.

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