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Looking for a job in  Canada or America? 


If what you're looking for is a visa sponsored job in Canada or America, TheJEGroup! offers to assist global job hunters to locate and secure a job including full visa sponsorship.

We understand the difficulties of relocating to a new country and how time consuming it can be to deal with immigration while at the same time looking for a full time job. Our method of relocating to a new country while trying to find a job, housing, dealing with immigration, and trying to understand the new culture can be daunting.

We have been assisting global job hunters to locate and secure a new job in Asia, Japan, Canada and America since 1989.

We have assisted global job hunters to live overseas or across borders with our tried and true method of partnering with international job hunters and to understand their objectives and goals.

We listen. We fully collaborate with global job hunters by utilizing our world-wide databases and network that spans from Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Osaka, Tokyo, Seattle, Vancouver, Quebec, New York, Miami, San Diego, to Hawaii just to name a few cities we work in. 


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How we work | For you...


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We have a global network of employers, presidents, human resource directors, recruiters, and other hiring authorities in Canada to include Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton, Mississauga, Vancouver, Quebec City, Quebec and surrounding area's, and other cities in Canada that offer jobs to job hunters ~ including full visa sponsorship.

We also have a network in America with hiring CEO's, Presidents, Hiring Mangers, and Human Resources Authorities in Seattle, LA, San Diego, Miami, Boston, New York, Chicago, Portland, Las Vegas, Austin, Honolulu, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Youngstown, Ohio, Pittsburgh, St. Augustine, Florida, and many other cities in America.

We are Career Search Consultants and we actively research jobs for our international job hunting clients, set up every interview. assist you in practicing how to interview for each location, offer advice on the conditions of the job and of the location you would like to live in, and many other services a well. We take your job hunt and set up every interview for you.


"We   locate & secure a job   with full visa sponsorship in Canada & America!"

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Our Career Search Consultants at TheJEGroup! have been in the business of assisting global job hunters to realize their dream of living in a foreign country with full visa sponsorship.

We have the network and the right connections to find a great job for you in a city that welcomes a multinational environment.

We offer to take you from the resume distribution stage to the interviewing sessions, to the new job, and new life in Canada or America.

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The Career Search Consultants at TheJEGroup! offer free online advice and information on life in Canada & America and office culture when you become a client. We offer to assist you to locate and secure a job in Canada with full visa sponsorship. Our network includes companies in Canada & America who are open to providing visa sponsorship.


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If you are an American relocating to Canada, TheJEGroup! would like to partner with you in order to assist in the process of obtaing a job that is rewarding and beneficial to you and your career objectivesWe'll work with you to understand the workplace essentials to be better prepared to handle the stresses of relocating and starting a new life in the office at the early stage.


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Canadian and American citizens will be able to connect with employers who offer full visa sponsorship jobs either to locations in Canada or to America. We have a network spanning across Canada & America to include Businesses, organizations, schools, universities, non-profit, and the entertainment industry as well. 


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