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My name's Michael Machida and I 'm the owner & Lead Consultant of TheJEGroup! 
We're located in Tokyo, Japan and New York as well. 

Join us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or Instagram to learn more about how we assist global job-hunters to live and work overseas with full visa sponsorship. Our work is quaranteed to get you the interviews to a new job in either Asia, Japan, America, Australia, or Canada.


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I'm orginally from America having lived overseas for 18+ years. We launched TheJEGroup! in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1989 after meeting employers from around the globe who report that finding the right candidates to help make their companies grow is daunting at best.

We would like to invite you to take a look at our site and to contact us visa Skype, or telephone to have a discussion on how our services can be of great benefit to you in terms of locating and securing a career overseas with a company offering full visa sponsorhip.

TheJEGroup! has been assisting global job hunters who are searching for full time Marketing, Information Technology, Finance, Accounting, Hotel & Travel, Education, General Employment, Customer Service, Cabin Crew, Administrative Assistants, Managers, or Design jobs, just to name a few.

We have been in the business of international job hunting since 1989 and we are delighted to be entering a new year of opportunities for our global job hunters.

We utilize our vast network that spans Asia, Japan, Canada, Australia, and America which includes Human Resources Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, International Specialized Recruiters, Department-Head Managers, General Managers of Organizations, Headmasters of international schools, and universities as well.

If what you're looking for is a move to locations to include: Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Osaka, Tokyo, Seattle, San Diego, Silicon Valley, Texas, Miami, New York, Boston, and other locations in Asia, Japan, Australia, Canada, and America, contact us today via Skype or telephone for free consultation on our Career Search Services.


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For additional information contact TheJEGroup! today so that we know you're in the job market.


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