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What is TheJEGroup!

Subscription Box

from Tokyo, Japan?


TheJEGroup! offers unique SUBSCRIPTION BOXES which are a monthly delivery of products from Japan sent directly to your home or office.

Packaged as " A Japanese Experience " and designed to offer gifts for anniverseraries, weddings, parties, office events, love & exotic gifts, which include make up, shoes & boots, exciting socks, jewerly, glasses, bed-room toys, and many other amazing surprises as well.  

Our subscription boxes are a monthly package of surprises delivered to your home of office every month. You never know what you will get, however we do ask for your interests and likes and go by what you love about Japan. You may choose one item, however our staff will choose the rest. It's a way of getting a surprise in your physical mailbox every month. It's exciting to find a treasure of products you can keep, give away as gifts, or just enjoy at parties and events.

 Our unique subscription boxes are  delivered to  you and is billed on a monthly recurring basis to  your home or office as a surprise to the ones you  love, or for your own  personal use.

 TheJEGroup! Subscription Box offers many  catagories of interests, ranging from T-Shirts,  Food,  Toys, Lingerie, Electronics, Baby Clothes,  and other  selections as well. 

 We firstly ask for your interests and things you  might want from Japan and we pick and choose all but one item. You can choose one item from a list that we will send you.

Ready to get started? Click & Go! to begin your subscription today. Questions? Contact us at the numbers or email you see below. Or, Line Us! Line ID: MichaelMachida777

Monthly Subscription Level




Tokyo | Singapore | Canada | Hong Kong | New York | Australia 

Shiba Koen 3-43-7 Minatoku Tokyo, Japan 106-0043 

81.70.1325.0065 JPN +1.917.720.3664 USA