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Did you know that TheJEGroup! offers quick and easy and professional resume distribution to our connections and network in Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada, and America?
Our large in-house databases are regularly checked and maintained so that every email in terms of our connections are guaranteed that your resume will be sent directly to hiring Managers and Directors who are currently filling positions in either Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada, or America in 2017.
When you utilize TheJEGroup!'s professional resume distribution system, you're confident that you're resume will be distributed to the right people. This increases your opportunity to find the best job faster than going it alone. We are another set of hands working with you to get your resume out and seen by the hiring authorities in either Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada, or America.
Our distribution system makes the most difficult job hunt much easier. TheJEGroup!'s professional resume distribution system reduces your valuable time sitting in front of your computer for hours sending out resumes on your own. Basically, we simplify your job hunt so that you get the interviews to a new job, fast!
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We offer to distribute your resume directly to hiring Managers, Employers, organizations, schools, or universities located in either Australia, Asia, Japan, Canada, or America!
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