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Thank you for stopping by to find out more on how we can assist you to locate and secure an Information Technology Job in either Asia, Japan, Canada, or America with the assistance of our Career Search Consultants at TheJEGroup! located in Tokyo, Japan and New York City.
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We offer 100% free Skype or face to face meetings to learn about the many job hunting services we offer to global job hunters who are searching for a job in Asia, Japan, Canada, or America with a company offering visa sponsorship.
To begin the process of gaining a role in Asia, Japan, Canada, or America, send us a copy of your resume and a message as to the best times and dates we can meet via Skype or face to face here in Tokyo or your location.
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TheJEGroup! offers to assist to locate and secure positions if you have experience in Information Technology | IT Management roles | Data Mining jobs | Information technology jobs as an Engineer | Information Technology jobs for either entry level to senior level roles, Administrative IT roles, and other positions with a company offering visa sponsorship.

Roles we are currently working on for our global job hunting clients:

  • Information Technology | Data Mining
  • Information Technology | General area's of IT
  • Information Technology | QA Engineer
  • Information Technology | Accounting & Financial
  • Information Technology | Gaming jobs
  • Information Technology | Global Security
  • Information Technology | Global Marketing
  • Information Technology | Engineering
  • Information Technology | Help Desk
  • Information Technology | C++ and Java

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