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Careers in Asia, Japan, Canada, or America?
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Thank you for stopping by to find out more on how we can assist you to locate and secure a Financial Role | Job in either Asia, Japan, Canada,or America with the assistance of our Career Search Consultants at TheJEGroup! located in Tokyo, Japan and New York.
To learn more about how we assist international job hunters to locate and secure a new job overseas complete with visa sponsorship, Click & Go! to TheJEGroup!'s Financial Jobs page at:
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TheJEGroup! offers to assist you to locate and secure positions if you have many years of experience or just graduated from universtiy in Finance | Financial areas.

As you may have heard via television, radio, or social media, TheJEGroup! & Associates are experts in assisting Finance | Financial professionals, accountants, and general finance support staff to get great jobs overseas or in your own backyard. We also assist you to locate and secure roles with companies who offer visa sponsorship. Our network of employers have an interest in hiring from overseas as well as domestically.

We have the best connections to get you a job fast in the financial profession since 1989. We have experience and a full contact database that will get you from zero to 90 in 60 seconds!

We have roles for global job hunters in area's to include;

  • Financial Management
  • Financial Accounting Positions
  • Financial Governance
  • Financial Oversight roles
  • Financial Support opportunities
  • General Finance jobs

For additional information, contact us today and get your career moving in the right direction, fast!


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