Tokyo Japan Career Search and Visa Sponsors from companies and organizations for Jobs in Asia, Japan, and America. Jobs in Tokyo, Japan. Visa Sponsorship is available for job hunters in Asia, Japan, and America for bilingual job hunters and English speaking job hunters Visa Sponsorship Job Finance Financial Work in Japan JOBS in the JOBS in FINANCE and Banking STAFF jobs. Finance  and BANKING Jobs and jobs in the Healthcare field. Looking for a new job as a INFORMATION Technology Specialists? TheJEGroup! Get a JOB in Marketing! Are you an Artists? Jobs in Asia, Japan and America as an Artist. Recruiters are needed in Japan. ENGLISH Teachers who require Visa Sponsorship for Jobs in Asia, Japan, and America. English TEACHING JOBS in JAPAN. HOW TO BECOME A Fashion Model? Now MODELING for girls in Tokyo, Shanghai, Osaka, New York, Seattle, Boston JOBS+Hawaii_Marketing+Japanese.htmlHONOLULU Seattle TOKYO Singapore Hong Kong TALENT BROKERS C++_Information+Technology_Jobs_Japan. Information Technology THEJEGROUP! JOBS Finance BANKING Visa Sponsorship Job JOBS Healthcare INFORMATION Technology JOB Marketing Artists Recruiters ENGLISH Visa Sponsorship Job JOBS TEACHING JOBS JAPAN HOW TO BECOME A Fashion Model MODELING Boston Seattle TOKYO Singapore Hong Kong TALENT BROKERS <a THEJEGROUP! Tokyo Japan Career Search and Visa Sponsors from companies and organizations for Jobs in Asia, Japan, tokyo     CAREER SEARCH CONSULTANTS 
  Assisting global businesses & job hunters to connect since 1989
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What we do is nothing short of amazing for businesses and job hunters.
TheJEGroup! has a global reach that enables the process of locating & securing
[ bright people ] to work with companies and organization while for candidates, to find
just the perfect job you are searcing for, in Asia, Japan, or in America. So, who are we?
We are Career Search Consultants working within the process of assisting businesses &
global job hunters to find a match that is benefical to both parties. Successfully done.
For businesses & organizations, to include educational institutions, we search
and re-search the globe utilizing our worldwide connections & our own databases to
locate candidates that fit the demands of today's workplace as well as candidates who
fit your unique company culture. From full time jobs to part-time jobs. Flexibility is key.
We then listen to you. To learn who you are searching for. We learn about you &
your company and it's culture. We'll introduce you to candidates we interview for you
as a first round meeting [ before ] the initial interview between you and the job hunter.
We then evaluate the job hunter to understand if there is potentially a match for the
opportunity you have available. It's the perfect balance that offers a streamlined effect.
If you are a business owner, recruiter, human resources staff, or hiring authority,
interested in TheJEGroup!, search and re-search services that is amazingly designed to
save you time & money in locating the best people in locations to include but not limited
to: Asia, Japan, and America, contact us Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. Weekends
and national holidays we are closed.
To set up a meeting or if you have questions about our services, contact us at: or in Tokyo, Japan call us at:
070.1325.0065 and in America, contact us at: +1.646.863.6031.
[ We are Career Search Consultants assisting global job hunters to locate and
secure interviews to jobs in Asia, Japan, and America. We are not recruiters.]
LOOKING FOR WORK? For the job hunters, we offer to make the process as easy
as possible. We meet you by Skype or face to face no matter where you live. We know that
the job hunt is stressful and can be amazingly frustrating as well. That's why we started - up
TheJEGroup! in 1989. Simply, to make the process of global job hunting as smooth and as
sucessful as possible. Our method is tried & true, and can assist you to find the perfect role.
How do we do that? Firstly, by working with our global connections in Asia, Japan & America
and by working with [ you ] as a partner in the search for a career utilizing our years of experience
and vast skills in the business of a professional structured job hunt. Our global connections
and our worldwide databases are a great and powerful tool designed to get you a job, fast.
To learn more about how TheJEGroup! works for global job hunters to find jobs in
either Asia, Japan, or America with a company offering visa sponosrhip, Click and Go! to the
link below to view exactly how our system works for candidates who are actively searching
for roles to include; Information Technology, Finance Specialists, Marketing Managers & Staff,
Hotel staff, Travel Agents, Flight Attendants, Ground Staff, Advertising Experts, Social Media
Staff, Store Managers, Executives and Directors, Food and Beverage opportunities, and talented
people working in the entertainment business as well.
For an evaluation of your resume for the Asian, Japanese, or American locations, send 
resumes to: or Click & Go! to learn more
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